How To Spend 24 Hours In London

Quick tip 101: If you're in a new location for a short time and want to make the most of it, prioritize food. Trust me there is no better way to pick up the flavor of a new town then eating where the locals do. Pun intended.


Drink in a Pub.


Pubs won’t be hard to find in London but it's important you understand the difference between a Pub and a Bar as to not get stuck in the latter.

Pubs will have a full food menu, are more beer and possibly gin focused and be located in smaller British villages around the city center. In my experience pubs are also older and have more of a history compared to the newly built bars. It’s entirely possibly to drink at a Pub that was built in the 1700’s, the Hilton can’t offer that.

For me, Ironically, the main reason to hit the pub is not the beer but the Fish and chips. Fried food in the United States doesn’t hold a candle to proper British fish and chips. Even if you have a 4 hour layover, it’s worth leaving the airport and finding some. It’s that good.

A few options to try in the London area are:

The Lamb and Flag

The Nag’s Head

The Grenadier



Have a Cream Tea


Ok, stick with me. Horrible name, but it’s something uniquely British and very tasty. Effectively this is a biscuit with jam and clotted cream (Think a cross between cream cheese and butter) and a cup of tea. After a few pints and a walk around London it’s time for Afternoon Tea. Pop into a shop and if you’re lucky they’ll have Cream Tea.

A friend from Devon insisted this is perhaps the most British thing you can do.

I’ll let the Cream Tea Society explain the correct way to enjoy.

Also, like the pubs the “Tea House?” I visited had quite a bit of history and was built around the year 1100AD.

A few options to try in the area are:

Mr Fogg’s Residence

New Armouries Cafe

Bea's Cake Boutique


Sunday Roast


It’s one of the most eaten-out meals in London and typically served on Sunday (hence the name). I’ve had Sunday roast on a Wednesday before so don’t worry if you can make it on Sunday. It consists of roast meat, potato, and served with Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy.

Nothing warms you up like a Sunday roast. You’ve probably had a busy day seeing the sights in the city and could use a solid meal to end the day. The Sunday roast fits the bill and is the final tally in the British food must have list.

A few options to try in the area are:

The Pig’s Ear

Number 90

The Lord Tredegar

While eating your way around the city, hopefully you’ve seen new sites and talked to new people and experienced the true London.